Emirates Handcraft Centre

Emirates Handcraft Centre

Ingenious by nature - an inherent trait of erstwhile Sharjah

Bait Al Mazroo'a is a traditional home, which is today the home of the Emirates Handcraft Centre. It is located at the south eastern side of old Sharjah and is surrounded by a stone and stucco wall.

This house was originally owned by Mohammed Salim Al Mazroo'a, who was a descendent of a Saudi and Yemeni family that moved to Sharjah. The house contains 17 rooms, 14 of which are on the first floor. Most of these rooms are generally rectangular in shape, and have doors overlooking the outer yard, while not having any windows or other openings as was the norm for such traditional houses.

The Emirates Handicraft Centre is characterized by 27 exceptional structural elements such as the Molasses (date honey) production room, the columns, and the plaster and wooden embellishments.

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