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In restoring the traditional heritage areas of Sharjah and linking them together, not only is the Heart of Sharjah the first development of its kind, but it is also the region's biggest heritage project to date. Seeking to reflect what Sharjah was like over half a century ago, the project will restore and revamp the city's traditional areas to create a tourist and trade destination with contemporary artistic touches, yet retain the feel of the 1950s.

Scheduled for completion in 2025, the first of five phases is already underway, and Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq) has set up a joint committee – comprising representatives from leading governmental and private bodies – to oversee the implementation of this first phase. The Heart of Sharjah will also be realised in accordance with international standards of sustainable development and environmental principles.

Situated just five minutes from the city's corniche and 10 minutes from the Sharjah International Airport, The Heart of Sharjah will feature diverse commercial, cultural and residential projects, including a boutique hotel, restaurants, retail shops, art galleries, traditional and contemporary markets, archaeological sites, museums, play areas and commercial offices. Many of these will be housed in renovated old or ancient houses, weaving Sharjah's modern life with its history, as well as safeguarding its national historical character.

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Project Phases

Planned over a 15 year period, Heart of Sharjah is the region's largest historical preservation and restoration project. By carefully restoring historical buildings, constructing new structures following traditional architecture and repurposing them as hotels, restaurants, cafés, art galleries and markets, Heart of Sharjah will be revived as a vibrant cultural destination. Given its history and importance, Heart of Sharjah is unique in its ability to trigger stories of the founding fathers and recollections of past celebrations. In this rich cultural context, the narrow alleyways, old school buildings and traditional homes take on significance beyond the physical.

Every aspect of the design and implementation of Heart of Sharjah has been carefully thought out and meticulously planned to ensure social and environmental sustainability. Given the organic nature of the surrounding city and the existing historical district, the transformation of Heart of Sharjah will span over a number of years.

One area of focus for development is centred around the restoration and repurposing of existing assets to create a distinctive sense of place for the district. This will lead to the creation of new amenities and attractions to complement and minimise the disruption to the existing museums, souqs and galleries in operation.

Another stream of work is aimed at enhancing the walkability around Heart of Sharjah and improving the overall accessibility to the district. Taxi stands, bus stops, underground parking and water taxis drop-offs will be seamlessly integrated to provide visitors with more convenient ways to enjoy the cultural and arts hub of Sharjah.

The third part of the restoration project will involve the construction of new structures following the traditional architectural styles to accommodate a growing number of hotels, restaurants, cafés, art galleries and markets that will bring renewed vibrancy to Heart of Sharjah.

Special consideration has gone into the development of the full master-plan to ensure the continuity and authenticity of Heart of Sharjah. It is the delicate balance and integration between the various institutions, offerings and services within Heart of Sharjah that will differentiate the destination and retake its prominent place in Sharjah's cultural and social fabric.

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