History of the Area

The History of the Area

Founded on a rich tradition

The modern city of Sharjah is built on a strong foundation, rich in history and tradition that dates back to decades.

Heart of Sharjah project is located in modern-day Sharjah and is in close proximity to the Sharjah Corniche and other Emirates. The geographic location is actually the epicentre and origin of Sharjah. It was here where the first families took up residence in their new stone-built homes. It was here, where the first seeds of tradition were sown.

Old Sharjah was divided into 4 main districts. Each district was also divided into one or two neighborhoods (Freej) with the Fort, which was built in 1804 with the wall of Sharjah and a number of towers, in the middle. That Fort was the seat of the governing Al Qasimi family, and was commissioned by Sheikh Saqr bin Sultan Al Awal bin Rashid bin Matar bin Kayed Al Qasimi at the beginning of the formation and settlement of the emirate.

At the present, Heart of Sharjah is a destination unique in its ability to trigger stories of the founding fathers and recollections of past celebrations. In this rich cultural milieu, the narrow alleyways, old school buildings, the market places and traditional homes take on a meaning beyond the merely physical. They reflect every social, political, military and cultural aspect of life, and all forms of creative art left behind by the forefathers, shining a light on significant stages of the Emirati cultural history.

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Sharjah is the World Book Capital City for the year 2019

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