Sharjah National Theatre

Sharjah National Theatre

Promoting theatre within the U.A.E. and across the world

Based in the Heritage Area, Sharjah National Theatre began in 1975 and was inaugurated in 1978. Since then Sharjah National Theatre worked diligently on spreading artistic and cultural awareness, producing meaningful plays, providing constructive criticism and directing public opinion, as well as addressing social issues in a manner easily understood by the viewers.

The theatre has participated in many festivals within the United Arab Emirates and abroad, and won several prestigious awards. It also took part in many intellectual, cultural and artistic events, both locally and internationally.

Sharjah National Theatre has also hosted a number of lectures, seminars and theatrical, cultural and intellectual forums, along with many theatre workshops.

Telephone +971 6 568 6600

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Sharjah is the World Book Capital City for the year 2019

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