Traditional Games House

Traditional Games House

A peep into the pastimes of childhood

This is one of the many Arts Square houses at Al Mareija in Heart of Sharjah area. The house is supervised by Mr. Obeid bin Sandal and there are many well trained youth capable of performing all sorts of traditional and popular games in it.

The house aims to bring traditional popular games back to life, and keep these old games alive in the minds of the current and future generations.

The house usually takes part in national celebrations in and out of Sharjah, and their performances are highly popular among the public. It also conducts workshops for children on traditional sports and games. Pictures and maquettes on various traditional and popular games such as Al-Zaboob, Al-Dahroy, Kheil min al-Karb, and others are displayed in this house.

Contact Details:

Telephone +971 6 5010106 or +971 6 5682040

For more information, please visit

Telephone +971 6 511 2555 | Fax +971 6 568 0082

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